tou·ché [too·shay]

tou·ché [too·shay]

Often used in popular culture and general conversation – for example, in an argument or debate. If one person presents an argument and another delivers a clever or appropriate response, the first person may respond with "touché" as a way of acknowledging said response.
In fencing, used as an acknowledgement of a 'hit', called out by the fencer who is hit. A referee can call out "touché" to refer to a touch being called – for example, the French call for "no point" is "pas touché"

Mission Statement:

To help our clients' better reach out to 'touch' their customers using interactive mobile multi-media and e-commerce platforms designed to elicit a positive response.

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To enable transparent and augmented use of multimedia resources and e-commerce applications across a wide range of networks and devices.

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